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Bolivia and Peru, 1987:

"Monday is Malaria Day"

Objective: Trekking in the Andes

Trip Dates: July 2, 1988 - July 25, 1988.

Outfitter: Overseas Adventure Travel (Cambridge, MA).


  • Land: $
  • Air: $

Itinerary: Flew Boston-Miami-Lima-La Paz. Chewed coca leaves in Bolivian marketplace, went driving across altiplano, steered a boat through the floating reed island communities on Lake Titicaca, and took train through terrorist-active areas from Puno to Cuzco. Explored Inca sites around Cuzco, and spent eight days trekking in Andes to foot of Mt. Salcantay. Went white-water rafting on Urumbamba River, and finished trip in Macchu Piccu. On way back. Overnight in Miami.

Fellow Travelers:


La Paz, Bolivia

Mt. Illinani towers above La Paz, Bolivia


Cavorting with llamas on the Altiplano

Grazing with the Llamas on the Altiplano


Macchu Picchu in the Morning

Machu Picchu in the Morning Light