John Sheff photo

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Family of Origin:

I love them all.

From left: hindquarters of my dog (Paia), Mom, me, late great brother (Bobby). All on the lawn at MIT.

In rear, from left: My maternal grandfather (Jan Czerniawski), a great-aunt (?), my maternal grandmother (Olimpia Czerniawska), my aunt (Tessie); front: my cousin (Monica), me, my cousin (Marianne).

My maternal grandmother (Olimpia) and me.

Dad (Joseph Sheff) and Mom (Leokadia/Laura Czerniawska) on their wedding day.

Dad at work at MIT.

My Dad and his brother, my uncle (Constantine). He raised a family in Ontario, Canada.

My Mom (Leokadia), maternal grandfather (Jan), and maternal grandmother (Olimpia) in Poland.